Monday, 29 December 2008

the real deal

I've finally got some pictures of martyn's broken ankle and the x-rays... there not much like my illustrations but thats not the point. the point is its sunny now, the ice is clearing and skating is on the cards. enless you're Martyn. sorry.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

3rd Time Lucky(ish)

For the 3rd time now Martyn will have gone down for his surgery on his ankle. hopefully this time they'll actually do it and he will have a fixed ankle full of nails and casing. i'm waiting for him to get home so i can get some x-ray pics of the break but untill then here is an idea of what it may have looked like. who knows?!?

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

First Light

Ross's First light is now Published in Decembers Sidewalk as an early christmas present for you to feast your eyes on.
I'll get a little scan in off the article when i can. but for those who have sidewalk, i hope u liked it.

well done Ross and cheers to leo for shooting the photo's

Get Well soon


Team manager/designer/all round hero Martyn broke his ankle in 3 places and dislocated it the other day skating.
he went in for the operation yesterday.
pins, casts, crutches and physio, Get well soon mate

Friday, 14 November 2008

Mania Mania through the eyes of Ben Smart

manny mania was good fun soooo busy tho gave up trying
to skate after a bit and sat down for a couple hours and watched.
everyone was having a 5 min warm up before they had they're go until it was
my groups go and they dropped the warm up to 1 minute because they were
running over time.So i had my go totally unwarmed up which sucked and only
got a few things done really got manny front 180 skid thing to fakie manny
which i was pleased with nose manny boardslide and manny back 180 fakie
manny halfcab and that nocomply spinny thing to manny and a few other basic
All in all great atmosphere,drank too much red bull could'nt sleep later cuz
of it ha ha
after that we skated the new st pauls spot which is behind the church it was
held in the spot is basically some blocks into a bank it was real busy good
fun though
randomly jeron wilson,brandon biebel and some of the matix team were there
shootin hoops which was mad.

Friday, 7 November 2008

the Nass you didnt see

Here is some footage i just found whilst going through my computer of Pete Adams skatin the street plaza at Nass 08. Filmed by Ben Smart.


Thursday, 30 October 2008

Ben Smart Gets Techy

Ben's the enuff flo' rider from weston supermare who's casually getting techy on the blocks of weston and Bristol.
Here's a sequence of Ben doing a Front Board to Front lip.

And here's another one of him doing a 50-50 to front lip to 5-0 180 out.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Saturday Skate at Surrey Uni

Pete went skating aroun ddorking and guildford on saturday with guildford locals Andy Baetup and Mark hawkshaw-burns.
fionishing the day with a bit of a skate down an 8 set at the uni, these are some pics from it and some video footage courtesy of mark.

and here's a link to the footage:

Red Bull Manny Mania Brighton and Bristol

Saturday the 11th, Red Bull Manny Mania in Brighton. Martyn and Pete headed down for about half 12. The competition was being held on the ground floor of a building and it was very dark under there, setting the perfect mood for a British underground manual competition. the set up was brilliant, flat manuals, slanted manuals, block-manuals and kicker - manuals. After a good hour long warm up, the competition started to get underway, with a relaxed atmosphere, a good standard of skating and the sun beating down outside, it was set to be a good day. Pete was in Heat 6 so just watched and skated flat land until then, keepin himself buzzing on the free Red Bulls (where's the vodka?) Chip turned up just after the heats had started and although was too late to opfficially sign up, spoke to Pete King who said it was fine for him to join in on one of the last heats. so chip sat down and watched. Pete's heat went well and he knackered himself out with 180 manuals, kickflip manuals, gap nose manuals, switch manuals and a switch shove manual on the kicker to manual. Now we were just waiting for Chip to go in for his heat, and when heat 8 went off with just 2 people in it, and chip was still sitting there... this looked less likely. it was over, chip had missed his chance and everyone was taking a bnreak before the finals. So we decided to head over to the skatepark near the beachfront. a concrete park with a slightly strange layout. This didn't stop chip nailing some NASA worthy ollie fakie's on the half pipe and pete throwing down a fakie b/s flip and fakie flip off the side of the bank. the sun sets, theskating dies down and we head off home. till next time. Roll on...

As for Bristol Manny mania.... im waiting for a lil bit of info on what went down from Ben Smart.. hold tight

Friday, 26 September 2008

Stroud skatepark

Get yourself up/left/right or down to Stroud Plaza on Sunday 5th October just like we'll be doing.

The plaza built by Maverick who our own Ross Forknall works for looks awesome featuring stairs, rails, banks, kickers and ledges!
Loads of people should be there including the Enuff Team (obviously!) the 50:50 team, Chris Oliver and Friends.
See you There!

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Wednesday night antics

Me (Pete) and Marty headed out for a skate last night and coz of the weather it was to be in a car park, so i drove over to martyn's for half 7, and he was going to be home between half 7 and 8 so obviously at half 7 we get a call saying he's running late, and at 8 we get a text saying he's leaving soon. so come 9 o'clock, martyn finally gets home from work (this man works hard!!) a quick bit of cheese on toast with frankfurters to fill us up and we were on our way. Drove over to the classic tesco's car park and skated flat land till 11 before getting some ciders and krispy Kreme donughts and skating till 1 in the morning. night skates are the way!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

UKSA National Championships

Adrenaline Alley Skatepark in Corby hosted the British National Championships this year on 6th and 7th September and this is how the weekend went;
Martyn the team manager was away on holiday, meaning it was up to us ( the skaters) to sort out getting there and accomodation. friday night we met up at martyns house, made a late night trip to Tesco's and watching Cardiel footage, in true enuff style we got to sleep about 4 in the morning (you'll see a trend appearing as the blogs become updated) Pete had an alarm for 7:45, we planned to get to Croby on time for once, so Pete was up straight away and decided the best way to wake chip up was to play motley crue into his ear, it worked! chip slowly kickstarted his heart and rocked his way out of bed, Ross on the other hand, wouldn't get up. Injured from the other week, Ross wouldn't be skating this weekend but was there for moral support. We finally managed to eat breakfast shower and get going, but by now it was about 9:30, so with a two hour trip aheads of us, we were an hour and a half late already.
So we hit traffic aswell and finally started getting close about 11 o'clock, Pete was totally hyper in the back of the car, itching to get out and skate, which was lucky because when we showed up at 11:40 he had 5 mins to warm up before he had the first run of the comp at 12.
he lost his hype quite quickly and struggled to get into the park in his 5 minute warm up.
Pete and Chip were both in the first group and not having great runs, there was still some good kickflips, krooks and backlips in there.
The rest of the day was spent skating the other areas of the park and watching some of the sick heats in the comp.