Friday, 14 November 2008

Mania Mania through the eyes of Ben Smart

manny mania was good fun soooo busy tho gave up trying
to skate after a bit and sat down for a couple hours and watched.
everyone was having a 5 min warm up before they had they're go until it was
my groups go and they dropped the warm up to 1 minute because they were
running over time.So i had my go totally unwarmed up which sucked and only
got a few things done really got manny front 180 skid thing to fakie manny
which i was pleased with nose manny boardslide and manny back 180 fakie
manny halfcab and that nocomply spinny thing to manny and a few other basic
All in all great atmosphere,drank too much red bull could'nt sleep later cuz
of it ha ha
after that we skated the new st pauls spot which is behind the church it was
held in the spot is basically some blocks into a bank it was real busy good
fun though
randomly jeron wilson,brandon biebel and some of the matix team were there
shootin hoops which was mad.

Friday, 7 November 2008

the Nass you didnt see

Here is some footage i just found whilst going through my computer of Pete Adams skatin the street plaza at Nass 08. Filmed by Ben Smart.