Monday, 2 March 2015

Mount Hawk Skatepark Memorial Skate Jam

On 7th February 2015, Mount Hawk skatepark and Bored Skate Shack held a Skate Jam in memory of Ben Builder, who was a valued member of the skate community, always going out of his way to teach the younger generation.

Sadly, Ben Builder died of a brain tumour just before christmas which devastated everyone who knew him.

All monies raised from this event went to the mount hawke charity to buy new equipement and outreach equipment. 

We were asked for some prizes to put towards the contest so we popped together a little skateboard package.

We heard that the event went really well and the prizes were well received. It's great to see so many youngsters getting so heavily involved in skateboarding and doing well in contests!

For more images, check out the Mount Hawk website.

Be sure to like Mount Hawk's Facebook page for all the latest information on events and park opening times.

We would like to send out our respects and best wishes to Ben's family and friends. 

Friday, 28 November 2014

New Enuff Rider - Lanny Belasco

We are so stoked to introduce our new rider to the Enuff team Lanny Belasco!

Enuff are all about sponsoring young riders and supporting them throughout their progression in skateboarding, so we are super pleased to have Lanny on board!

Lanny Belasco doing a wallride at Wherrytown Plaza in Penzance.  Photo:Matt Chivers
Lanny was introduced to us by Matt Chivers of South Shore Surf + Skate, Cornwall, and he's also been scooped up by Etnies footwear!

Lanny with his new Enuff deck

Not only is he now a sponsored skater, but he's also getting a bit of a name for himself in his local area, having been featured in a local newspaper, with another article due out soon!

We can't wait to show off some of his skills, so keep your eyes peeled for a video edit coming soon! 

With thanks to the team at Southshore Surf + Skate. 

Monday, 10 November 2014

Jay Bex Enuff Peas N Beans

Check out this footage of Enuff rider, Jay Bex, on our Peas 'N' Beans board. We love Jay's riding style and can't wait to see more!

Be sure to head over to his You Tube channel for more footage.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Battle Of Hastings 2014

It's back for 2014 and it's going to be epic!! 

In association with Redbull, the Battle of Hastings 2014 skate event is taking place on 7th September between 12pm and 6pm. 

Get yourselves down there and check it out!! Lots of cash and prizes to win!! 

Here's some footage from last year's event:

Don't forget to like the Wheelscape Facebook page to follow the event. 

Monday, 1 September 2014

Enuff Skull Completes

Let us introduce the new Skull Completes. A brand new look for Enuff.
If you like dark graphics then these are definitely the boards for you! Awesome graphics for great performing boards!

Logo 2014 Completes

Check out the sweet new Enuff Logo completes!! All of the boards in this range are minimal for those who don't want big graphics but still want big performance. Available in standard and mini size.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Slick Willies Presents "City Slickers Skate Jam 2014"

Enuff are pleased to be supporting the City Slickers Skate Jam 2014, presented by Slick Willies Skate Shop. 

With £1,500 of product prizes for the skate jam as well as cash prizes for best tricks on the day, it's not an event you'd want to miss. 

Check out the official event page for more info. 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

World On Wheels Skate Jam 2014

Enuff is one of the official sponsors for this great event happening on 23rd August 2014, in Wigmore Skate Park, Luton.

World On Wheels - brought to you by

So whether you are into skateboarding, scootering or skating, this is an event to check out! If you plan to take part, you could win some great prizes, including an Enuff Deck and wheels! 

More information can be found on the Facebook event page

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Enuff 2014 Completes

Check out our new complete skateboards!

We are very excited to introduce the first of our new complete range for 2014. We have kept some of the favourites and updated the colours, as well as introduced new designs.

Here are the first few models in our 2014 range:
2014 POW Completes

The POW was very popular in our previous range, so we have introduced two new colours, Purple and Green. View the full POW spec here.

2014 Graffiti Completes

In our last range we had two versions of the Graffiti board. The urban art look has always been popular and we love creating graffiti inspired artwork. For 2014 not only have we gone with more bold looking lettering but we have also released 4 colour variations of the board. 
The Graffiti is available in two sizes, 31" and 29", giving you more options. 
View the full Graffiti spec here.

2014 Pyro Completes
In our last range, the Pyro was a very new look for us and we are so pleased we did it! For this year's range we have brought it back with two new electric colour ways, keeping with the sleek dark look. The blue is available now and the white is following shortly (end Sep / early Oct) 

These 3 models are just the beginning of our new complete skateboard range for this year, so keep your eye on the Enuff Facebook page for more updates!

Friday, 25 July 2014

New Enuff 2014 Deck Range

We are stoked to introduce our brand new Enuff skateboard decks! We have revisited some favourites and given them an update.

The 2014 3 Tier Decks come in 4 sweet colour ways, each available in 4 sizes.

Next up we have the Logo Stain decks, which were inspired by our team decks, but given a more minimalistic look.