Wednesday, 26 August 2009

someone gets arty

Pete's been gettin some art based randomness going lately and has been putting it on a blog. so check it out if u have some time to kill...

He's moving to Bristol in mid sept to start uni so expect some fresh footage and photo's from around Bristol soon!


Pete headed over to Bristol this weekend for the Olliewood film competition. Pete Adams, Amir Williams and Nick Galloway represented team Avalaan, and made a slightly random video about robots!

They filmed loads of footage, and even got some photo's which we'll get up online in the next few days. The edit should also be online soon so keep an eye out for that.
although they didn't win any prizes they did a good job and had a real good time.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Pete gets back on the board

After 3 weeks off because of his shinjury, Pete's back skating again now and hits up a new spot on random land to test out how much his leg has really healed.
Here's a short video filmed and edited my James Callum.

Pete Adams at 'The Spot' from James Callum on Vimeo.

this was his shin after the skate:

Hopefully Pete's leg will actually be healed properly for when he heads over to Bristol next weekend for the Olliewood competition where him, Amir Williams and Nick Galloway will be make an entry.

Dorchester Locals

Some footage and an edit by Dan Martin featuring the Dorchester locals sessioning their park. Chip throws down as many tricks as u want on the step up aswell as some massive K grinds, melons, switch hardflips and flip backtails!