Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Squeezing the Sun

The sun's been rockin out in Bristol.
Pete headed over to a little park in Filton today and then onto the newish plaza at Stroud. it's a real nice plaza qith some quirky stuff to skate so well worth checkin out.

Enuff in the Ukraine!!

Enuff is now available in the ukraine if you find yourself in that part of the world.

There are 2 riders on Enuff flow from the shop that stocks enuff so check them out at the link below!
Andrey Ryzhov (Enuff, Odessa) - 1st place - "game o f skate"
David Grigorian (Enuff, Odessa) - 1st place - "best trick 7 stairs"отчет/#more-126

Dorchester Fun Day

here's a link to a little edit of some of the stuff that went down

Was a good day with loadsa prizes and a good atmophere, well done to all those involved!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Moving grounds

Pete has been on the move and has ended up in Bristol for Uni, inbetween art culture lectures and playing with crayons he's finding time to skate the streets and parks of Bristol.

Although th weathers rubbish this week, keep an eye out for him skating around if ure in the area and expect some more photos and videos when it stops raining.

Photos by James Callum

Dorch paradise

So it seemed.. the park was quiet and the sun was out(ish)

Pete Adams boosts an Indy nosebone into the bowl for the end of summer.