Tuesday, 17 July 2018

NASS 2018 with Alfie Mills

So NASS went down a short while ago and we had our very own Enuff rider Alfie Mills at the festival for the entire weekend. Here's what he tought of the 2018 fectival of skateboarding!

Firstly Alfie how are you? You’ve just spent a weekend in the hot sun, skating hard and watching some awesome competitions how are you feeling after all that? 
Amazing Thanks. I’m very tired but it was a great weekend.

How was your journey down to NASS? Did you have to travel far and who accompanied you on the road?
I travelled down with my Mum, she picked me up from school at 12.45 after my last mock exam. When I got there my Dad had already set up camp and decorated it as it was my Birthday.

What was the campsite like and did you stay in a van or tent for the weekend? You had athletes camping right, did you see or bump into any of the top flight of British skateboarding we heard that even Andrew Reynolds was kicking around the grounds somewhere.
The site was great we were in a tent. I spoke to loads of amazing skaters most I’ve met before but it’s always good to catch up. Mr Reynolds was there I spoke to him a few times and he signed my Thrasher magazine and got a photo with him.

Who did you camp up with at NASS? Did you have a good crew of guys together? Did anything crazy go down in the evenings that you can talk about or is that kept between friends?
Our crew were amazing we had such a laugh our area had a hammock, swing and a paddling pool. We had a big water fight with a bunch from Brighton. As far as the evening is concerned what happens at Nass stays at Nass!

Unfortunately you didn’t get to compete this year but did you ever find yourself on the main course? Even if you didn’t how did it look from the stands, do you think the course was an improvement on previous years?
I managed to skate the main park a few times but unfortunately, I had a slam on the first night on the pump track and had to have 3 stitches in my chin, so I was a bit cautious after that. As far as the course is concerned I think it was better than previous years.

How were the public parks to skate? We saw some clips you put on Instagram, it looks like you managed to get in there and skate without it being too busy. Did you have a go on the vert at all this year and how was the skating to watch there?
The public park was the best it’s ever been I managed to get a run on it before I split my chin. I didn’t skate the vert but I watched the comps and there was some crazy stuff going down!

How was the standard of competition in your eyes? What was the best trick or tricks you saw go down and who do you think deserved to win the whole thing?
The standard was through the roof! There were so many tricks it’s hard to pick just one. My favourite skater was Aaron Jago he’s so consistent and covers the whole course.

Away from skating what was going on? What did you get up to in the evenings and did you even get across to the music stage and catch some live tunes?
In the evening I wandered around with mates watching different things. I saw some great music, Run Dmc, De La Soul, Ocean Wisdom and others.

What are your goals now for the rest of the year? Do you have any competitions coming up that you are looking to take part in or any new sections you’re working on?
I’m looking forward to competing in the Don’t Rain New Forest skate series starting on the 22nd July. And I’m always working on new tricks to film.

As always it’s been great catching up with you Alfie. Is there anyone you would like to thank before we sign off?
There’s so many amazing people around me I’d like to thank too many to list. But I’d just like to thank them all for the ongoing encouragement and friendship (You know who you are)! Skating is an awesome way of meeting people and I feel so lucky to have it in my life.

Until next time Alfie!!

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

NASS 2018 with Roxana Howlett

Another NASS festival has come and gone and we are going to catch up with young Roxana Howlett to see how she got on!!

Hi Roxana how are you? Another NASS festival is over for another year how was your experience this time round?
Hi I’m really good thanks. Nass was epic this year I loved it. The skating was amazing and I got to chill with my skate mates.

How did the course differ from previous years and do you think it was an improvement? What was your favourite obstacle there? 
I loved the course this year, there were some good gaps to air over. There was a lack of ledges but I loved the stair set that was my favourite.

You had a fantastic result in the Women’s Park event coming an excellent 5th and picking up some prize money along the way. Can you describe how you felt the competition went? How was the level of skating all round?
Yes I got £250 for coming 5th which I was stoked about. I felt the skating was of a really high standard and there was more women taking part this year which was great.  I thought the comp went well and I was pleased with how I skated. I also took part in the Women’s mini ramp jam and won £70 and some caps and wax, that was really good fun.

We all know we are in the middle of a heat wave at the moment. How was it skating the course? It must have been hot in there. What aspects of the festival did you enjoy the most apart from the skateboarding?
It was boiling! Really really hot and it made it hard work to keep pushing. It was nice to have the awesome weather for it though.... better than rain! Dizzee Rascal was amazing I loved it and Run DMC. The music this year was great. I got to hang with Andrew Reynolds and his daughter Stella for the whole weekend which was so cool.

As always it is a pleasure to catch up with you and everyone at Enuff skateboards would like to congratulate you on a fantastic result. Is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to or thank before we sign off?
Thank you. Thanks to my mum for driving me everywhere, Lucy Adams for all the support and encouragement, all my sponsors, my skate mates, and the skate coaches down at The Lodge skatepark (Trav, Chips, Will, Chris and everyone else!)

Till next time then!!