Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Whittaker spreads a little sunshine this autumn

Mr Whittaker helps spread some happiness in Sidewalk last month and keeps the sun shining in our heads if it has decided to leave our shores for the next god knows how many months!!

If anyone see's the sun, ask it to pop back for a bit so we can skate! Till then grab a cocktail and a hot tub and chill...! Enjoy

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Relentless Super Series

£1000 purse for Pro's and product for un-sponsored ams....? Sounds like as good a reason as any to head over to The Worx on Saturday or Adrenaline Alley on Sunday!

RS Mini push 2011 gets a dose of Bex and co.!

The crew at Rollersnakes sorted their way through the entries for their RS Mini Push 2011 and from all accounts there was a pretty healthy line up of entries. Yet pushing their way to the front and securing top spot was the 'Conaal' crew featuring our very own Jay Bex!

Smashing out some sick NBD's for good measure, Jay Bex, Matlock Bennett Jones, Will Lester and Nathan Copestake hit up spots in Sheffield, Leeds and Chesterfield to bring you this little gem of an edit! Enjoy.....

Get some Smart style for your barnet and your feet

Our own Mr Smart has been a very busy bee recently! As well as skating and teaching he's managed to find the time to open his own barbers! Not only can you pop in for a fresh doo but he's managed to incorporate a little retail titillation to keep you occupied in the form of a small skate shop! Check out Smart Barbers, Lower Queens Road, Cleveden.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Pete Adams hits up Summertown skatepark in Oxford for an afternoon

Check this quick edit of Pete Adams hitting up Summertown Skatepark in Oxford en route to London.

Filmed and Edited by Paul Scott

Pete recently got back from NASS which was an awesome weekend and aswell as the World Cup Skate comp he also entered the Street Spots competition hitting up the 14 set and getting a wildcard entry into the Finals. Unfortunately he was robbed of his trick and has a fractured foot. Should be back on it real soon though and is currently working towards a Haunts for Sidewalk mag so keep an eye out for that!

Jay Bex shop flow rider: Adio competition entry

We've been sent this sick video by Jay Bex one of Enuff's Shop flow riders. This is his entry for the adio competition so check it out its sick!


Oh and if anyone see's the sun, can you ask it to stay out so we can go skate. Cheers

Jacob's all over it with more chillin edits

Check this edit from Jacob Bettinson. Few pretty casual tricks from the park and some gems hidden in there too


Friday, 24 June 2011

Welcome to the team Jacob Bettinson. Short edit of the newest team rider, fresh for summer 2011 complete with floodwarnings

It's all about the skateboarding for us. We got into skateboarding because it's good fun, and all these years later, that's exactly why we're still doing it and running a company. There are thousands of incredibly talented skateboarders out there but the ones that really stand out, that really make skateboarding the thing we love, is those who do it with a smile on their face. We've been on the look out for a new team rider for a while and now we are proud to welcome Jacob Bettinson to the family.

Here's a short edit he's sent over for us of some footage and he's been out shooting photo's recently too so you can expect to see an advert gracing the pages of the latest issue of sidewalk very soon.

Enuff will be heading down to Nass again this year so be sure to get yourself down there. Check out June's issue of sidewalk for a nice sequence of team rider Gareth Evans throwing down some moves on a rough run up sketchy step ledge burried in Yeovil.

Be sure to also head over to the New and OFFICIAL Enuff Skateboards Facebook Fanpage!
Check it out here:

Fresh Edit from Ukraine

Check out this new edit we've been sent over from the guys in the Ukraine. Representing Enuff.
Enuff_Ukraine from miracle prod. on Vimeo.

Friday, 10 June 2011

King Apparel welcomes Pete Adams as their newest Affliliate

Enuff rider Pete Adams has now been picked up by the good guys over at King Apparel
They have a really nice new range of clothes out for Spring/Summer so check them out.
Here's an edit of Pete from the other day, repping King chino's and jumper, he took an hour out of his busy schedule to throw some tricks down at the new Emersons Green skatepark in Bristol.
Built by Maverick, this is another great example of the kinda of concrete parks we all want to see more of.
A quick bit assault on the rail and some tech flips over the hip for your enjoyment. Currently fighting off a reoccuring injury on his left foot let's hope it heals soon.
Bring on NASS 2011!

You can't teach an old dog new tricks, but Ben can sure learn new combo's!

Enuff Veteran Ben Smart has been out and about putting together new combinations of grind and manual techness. Check out these sequences he's sent over to us. When he's not busy cutting people hair, Ben's often to be found down the Corrie skatepark in Weston carefully constructing tech combo's of grinds and manuals. For someone who recently had a big ankle operation he's deffinately back on board and improving as ever!

Boardslide to switch 50-50 fakie bigspin out. (above)
Nose manny to Switch back flip revert (above)

Monday, 2 May 2011

New Team Rider: Jacob 'floodwarnings' Bettinson

The newest edition to the Enuff skateboards family is Ilkeston based Jacob Bettinson. An absolute ripper on a skateboards and all round nice guy. Recently placed 1st at the Bristol Manny Mania contest with his consistent kickflip nose manuals he's one to keep an eye on. You're sure to be seeing much more of him and his ankles soon!

More Skateboarding Videos

More footage will be online soon.

Get out & Roll On

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Land Hoy! Portland Bay session

Enuff rider Pete Adams and new flow rider Jack Mickelwright drove on down to check out Portland skatepark on thursday. the sun was (eventually) shinning and the concrete was smooth.

Check out this edit from the sultans of skate tearing up the skatepark and a local street spot.
The day couldn't be ended without a complementary stop off at Dorchester on their way back through to meet up with Ankle injured rider Matt 'Chip' Henson before the sun set.

Enjoy Skateboarding.

Edit from Weston

Filmed by our very own Ben Smart, Here's a short edit of Enuff friend Marcus. Check it out.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Ben Smarts been keeping busy

In between giving people tram lines in their hair and sleeping, Ben's been finding time to head out into the sun and shoot some cheeky sequences on his wheelie plank.

Witness The Techy Spinnyness. all photo's by Pete Skilton.

Roll on.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Accidentally in Cardiff

Took the wrong turning on the way out for a skate so changed plans and skates Cardiff..sick day!

Bring on the summer sun
-- Post From My iPhone

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Ben Smart Chillin in the Rain

getting over the constant rain with a chilled nose manny from Ben Smart.
Pic by Pete Skilton

New Enuff Wheels Rider: Scott Whittaker

Nice welcome edit of Scott filmed by our own Ben Smart whilst out in Barcelona

More Skateboarding Videos

Scott Rips it for the guys over at and is now ripping Enuff Wheels aswell.

Andrey Rijov at Simple Session 2011 Link

and anothe rlink to some footage of him killing it over on youtube

Representing it Hard! 

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Osiris Welcomes Pete Adams

Pete is now on flow from Osiris and here's a chillin' little welcome edit filmed by our own Ben Smart from their recent trip to Barcelona.

Osiris Welcome Pete Adams from pete adams on Vimeo.

Info on the new Enuff Wheels rider to be announced soon along with an edit so hold tight..

Monday, 17 January 2011

Barcelona Trip

Few snaps from a recent Trip to Barcelona, Pete Adams chilling on a switch feeble.Ben Smart warming up his ankle after surgery only a few months ago. Testing its movement on a nice feeble.

Pete Adams and Ben Smart headed out to Barcelona last week to hook up with the new Enuff Wheels Rider (name to be announced soon along with a welcome edit)
Escaping the British winter for some dry spot and sun was ideal and here are a few snaps with an edit coming soon.

Odessa Representative Andrey Rijov in SS2011

Andrey Rijov (photo above) Was repping it in the SS2011 competition. more info on that very soon!

Some sick looking spots out there and some photo's of David Grigoryan shredding them too!