Sunday, 11 January 2009


Ross and Chip headed up to Martyn's on Friday night where ross fell asleep early (at 2) and Chip and Marty played playstation into the early hours. Come Saturday Pete arrives about 12 and sure enough, the others are still sleeping, coffee's all round. We had a lil flatland skate in the 3msq concrete in martyn's garden before having a bacon and egg sandwich and more coffee's.
So finally about 3 we headed over to the new concrete park in High wycombe we'd heard about (via a quick stop at the warehouse for Ross to get a new deck and Pete to slam a few times before realising how cold it was)
We finally found the park just after 4 so it was starting to get dark but skated for a few hours whilst Ross moved from his transition madness and turned to the rail for some bluntslide madness with Chip (whose idea of fun is first go frontblunt bigspins!). Then we had the car reversed in so we could ligh up half the park and skate the quarter bowl corner. the park was real smooth so is definately worth a visit. Headed home about 6 via sainsbury's for dinner where Chip got cottage pie and real food whilst Ross and Pete got chocolate milk and discount galaxy chocolate bars.

there are some pics, one of part of the park, Chip doing a f.s nose grind on the embedded block, and one if Ross losing an arm and gaining a front smith.

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