Monday, 2 March 2009

A weekend of Filming

With the new graphics with there individual cold press structure all in the warehouse the team met up this weekend to try them out and get a bit of filming done.

Ross, Pete, Chip, Ben and a friend Scott headed to Martyn's on Friday. Friday night was a spent trying to get the generator to work and stay on, finding out why it was leaking petrol and then filming on a very sketchy kicker to what could hardly be called a ledge but was more the side of a loading dock far from nice to grind. After a night of pizza, cider and skate video's we drank coffee and headed off to Farnborough park for some more filming. had a sick skate and filmed some bits whilst the camera's batteries were playing up. We had to head back to charge them up again...somewhat unsuccessfully, drink more coffee and then head out with the generator to high wycombe park for some more filming on dusty concrete.


Hold tight for more words and an edit of the footage coming soon

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