Thursday, 16 April 2009

Truro, St Austell, Cornwall, Caravan, Sun, Food

delayed by the traffic we made our way to the caravan park by 9pm, Pete was still feeling ill (he had been all week, Stoked) and Martyn n Chip cooked up some chicken Fajitas after which we watched skate videos and the mighty boosh long into the night. Woke up early on saturday for once, so by 9 we were starting to cook breakfast which turned into a full fry up of sausages, beans, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, toast, orange juice and coffee. Dream. so after filling ourselves up we managed to head to the new Truro Plaza around half 12.

the Plaza was amazing, perfect concrete full of blocks, manuals, stairs and people. chip hit up the blocks and manuals and after a while of stuggling past people to get to a manny pad, Pete hit up the stairs with some sw pop shoves and slamming on some switch Tre's down the 10. (props to Barney Page for some sick 360's and a good session)
The afternoon then got rained off by rain that didnt want to pass for a while so we headed over to SJ'z skateshop which was awesome.

After that we headed to the pub for a pint before going back to the now dried up plaza where Pete n Chip skated the blocks and dry areas of the park for a while.

We got back to the caravan site about 9 and remembering we had no signal realised a takeaway wasn't an option, so we headed out to find a pub, which failed and we ended up with a takeaway Pizza hut of 4 pizza's, chicken wings and garlic bread. filling us up nicely we followed it by watching some more skatevideo's (mind Field) and chillin the night away.

sunday morning was abit slower but we started with a walk down to the beach which was real nice n sunny, followed by another huge fry up ouside. We'd been told about a nice lil park in St Austell so we headed there with some fun quirky ramps but soft ground it was quite an amusing skate.

About half 3 we made our way back to the caravan to pack our stuff and say goodbye before the long drive home.

this needs to be done again soon, all in all a great weekend of skating, eating and caravaning.

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