Friday, 24 July 2009

New Enuff Threads

Having only had some really basic promo Tee's so far for Enuff its a relief to now be bringing to you the First batch of proper Enuff T'shirts! A lot of time has been spent on the design, shape, texture and overall quality of these T'shirts which is why its taken so long to get them out, but like all Enuff Product its passed the team testing and has been approved to hit the shops. The first set of designs are the Mysterious Al tee's based on the 'Zombie Death Crew' decks, These are seom bright and lairy Tee's which look dope.

all the T'shirts feature some real nice little details and sign offs! Theres a woven in boxed '?' on the back of the neck, a tag on the left sleeve with a question mark on the outside and 'four Wheels For Life' on the inside, a sign off label on the left of the back with 'Mysterious Al' on the outside and 'Enuff Skateboards on the inside as well as custom Mysterious Al size labels inside.


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