Thursday, 14 April 2016

Alex Griffiths - Vert Attack

"My journey to Malmo was fast and easy. I flew into Copenhagen airport then took the train across the water from Copenhagen to Malmo."

"This is my second time. I competed last year at VA9.
Having been last year I was used to skating with the pros so it felt awesome and indescribable."

"I landed all the tricks I wanted to do and placed 11th out of 40, just missing out on the final. I am happy though because I was competing against the best of the best."

"Clay Kreiner was my favourite person to watch while there."

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"Getting to skate with all my friends from America and all around the world, and to see the over 40s skating at an amazing standard were my highlights!"

"The thing I took away from this experience is to enjoy myself and continue to be stoked for the rest of my life."

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