Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Phil Long - Welcome To The Team

We are pleased to introduce our latest team rider, Phil Long...

How old are you and where are you from?
29 from Nottingham.

What age did you first start skateboarding and what inspired you to first pick up a board?
About 12 years old. Tony Hawk’s pro skater first inspired me.

Where is your favourite place to skate?
Stalin square, Prague and the Czech Republic.

Had you heard of the Enuff brand and where did you hear about it? What can you bring to the team?
I have friends who used to ride for them (Alex Halford and Scott Whittaker). Creaky joints and old age!

Which skateboarders did you look up to growing up? Any local legends in your local scene or professionals you aspire to be like?
Marc Johnson, P J Ladd, Mike Carroll. Smedley is a living legend, definitely aspire to be like him! 

How many people are in your group of friends that you skate with on a regular basis?
Between 8 and 10.

What is your all-time favourite skate video and which ones are you into at this moment in time?
Transworld Modus Operandi and P J Ladd’s Wonderful Horrible Life.

Do you have a preference towards street skating, skate parks or vert or are you happy to experience and skate everything?
Street and skate parks.

What was the last trick you learnt? What are the next three tricks on your hit list that you would love to learn?
Just learnt fakie 5-0 variations. 

Are there any video parts you are working on personally which we will see in the near future or any competitions coming up that you plan to enter?
Hooked video “Acid drop,” hopefully stay away from injury and film a part for that.

What do you think skateboarding holds for you in the future and what are your future aspirations?
Arthritis definitely also knee and hip replacements. Heading to Palma for a skate trip in July. Probably get a few more trips in this year.

You can follow Phil on Instagram @phillongting

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