Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Enuff's 10 Year Anniversary Completes!

Wow! 10 years! Where has the time gone?

We are super stoked to introduce you all to our brand new range of completes that we have released to help celebrate our 10 fun years in the skateboarding industry!

From the end of September 2016, 8 new completes will be hitting the shops, all fully loaded with our mighty Decade Trucks!

The Enuff Fade is the first in line and is a great complete for beginners to intermediate riders that want a bit of colour with minimal graphics on their set-up. The colour coded Decade trucks on the Fade's deep concave deck adds a nice finishing touch.

Enuff Fade Completes - 4 Colours

The Enuff Tag Graffiti features an awesome urban graphic by Paintshop Studio. Available in 2 colours; Yellow and Green, and mounted on our Decade trucks, the Tag Graffiti is a seriously cool beginner to intermediate board.

Enuff Tag Graffiti - 2 Colours

Enuff Tie-Dye... well what can we say?! Yes tie-dye is back, so we've covered a deep concave deck in it and mounted it on our awesome Decade Trucks, to bring you one rad looking set-up!

Enuff Tie-Dye Complete

The Enuff Nihon is a mini series of 2 seriously sweet graphic decks designed by guest artist, Bodilpunk. The detail that goes into this artist's work is amazing, so we couldn't resist working in collaboration with him. Both the Samurai and the Geisha designs are printed on deep concave decks and mounted on our Decade Trucks.

Enuff Nihon Completes - 2 Designs

The Enuff Pyro Fade completes are our anniversary adaptations of the very popular Pyro boards and come in 2 vibrant colours. Again these boards are mounted on our decade trucks and are great for intermediate riders.

Enuff Pyro Fade Completes - 2 Colours

The Enuff Floral completes are not really floral at all... more "leafy"...
either way, we think they look great! Available in 2 colour ways, that are not too OTT, so if you like a board that has a hint of colour but minimal graphics, then grab one of these.


The Enuff ALSO is another great collaboration with Paintshop Studio, and brings bold blocks of colours to our range. Available in 2 colour ways, and mounted on our Decade trucks the ALSO complete makes a great intermediate board.

Enuff ALSO Completes - 2 Colours

The Enuff Geometric is a medium concave board that comes in 2 colour ways, designed by guest artist, Shaun Gordon.  A great intermediate complete to finish off our anniversary collection!

Enuff Geometric Completes - 2 Colours

Featured team riders: Alex Griffiths and Alfie Mills

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