Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Kicking Off The Year With Roxana Howlett

We recently checked in with team rider, Roxana, to see how her year is kicking off!

Hi Roxana how have you been keeping? How was Christmas for you?
Hi. I’ve been good, skating lots and having fun.  Christmas was great thank you - I got some cool kneepads and a new helmet, and I got to visit Brighton and skate down there which was good.

You seem to be having a busy start to the New Year. We’ve already seen your great result at the Ben builder skate jam at Mount Hawke, how do you rate your first month and a bit of 2017 so far?
It’s been a really good start to the year - since xmas I’ve learnt front shuvs, landed my first 6 stair and had a rad weekend at Camp Hillcrest. I’ve also been working on my backside airs.

You have been riding for Enuff for a good few months now, how have your experiences been riding for us during that time?
It’s been fantastic riding for Enuff, it’s great to feel part of a team and to go out skating and represent you guys,  and it’s made me want to work harder landing new tricks.  I’ve met some of Enuff’s other young riders as well recently which was great

What are your plans going into the summer months? Any upcoming competitions you are looking forward to and what is highest on your trick list to learn this year?
I’m going to Florida in April on holiday so hoping to get some skating in over there! I will be entering all the local skate jams in Devon again this year and will be travelling down to the Unicorn Jam in London.  Any others I hear about I’ll be there! I definitely want to up my street game this year so am looking at landing kickflips, heel flips and more stair sets!

As a young girl in skateboarding what do you think of current levels of female participation? Do you see more girls taking part and who would be the female role models you currently look up to?
I don’t see many girls skating in local parks very often, but my good friend Lola skates and we meet other girls at Girls Nights at indoor parks and at jams.  Female role models for me have to be Lucy Adams (who I met recently and she’s awesome), Stephanie Nurding and Lacey Baker.  I think skating will become more popular with girls if they see more girls out there shredding the parks.

Lastly is there anyone you would like to thank for supporting you in skateboarding so far? Parents or shops or anyone who has motivated you and kept you going.
I’d like to thank my parents for putting up with my total obsession and love for skateboarding and for driving me to all the parks.  Thanks to my big sister, Molly, for constantly having to put up with me shouting “Watch this trick”! And lastly thank you to my great support network at The Lodge Indoor Skatepark and to my other sponsors SMB Bearings and Hi-Top Clothing.

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