Friday, 1 September 2017

Welcome Quentin Chibout To The Enuff Team

Firstly what’s your name, how old are you and where are you from?
My name is CHIBOUT Quentin

I am 18 and I come from Anglet near Bayonne, France.

What age did you first start skateboarding and what inspired you to first pick up a board?

I first started skateboarding at the age of 11. Seeing a friend skating everyday inspired me to first pick up a board.

Where is your favourite place to skate?

My favourite place to skate is the skatepark of my town in Anglet and the new skatepark of Biarritz.

Had you heard of the Enuff brand and where did you hear about it? What can you bring to the team?

I heard about Enuff brand by my friend Elian Pergher, sponsored by Enuff. I think I can bring good values and represent Enuff brand in France thanks to a good few contests and social networks!

Which skateboarders did you look up to growing up? Any local legends in your local scene or professionals you aspire to be like?

I looked up to a lot of skateboarders growing up but there was one that I really liked was Nyjah Huston. We cannot say that there are local legends in Anglet but there are guys who have an impressive level in the south west of France.

How many people are in your group of friends that you skate with on a regular basis and which guys are essential to getting a good session going?

There are 5 people in my group of friends that I skate very often with. The guys who are essential to getting a good session going are the ones that will motivate you to skate and learn new tricks.

What is your all-time favourite skate video and which ones are you into at this moment in time?
The Ishod Wair part in the Nike SB chronicles Vol.2, at this moment in time i’m into a real video part!

Do you have a preference towards street skating, skate parks or vert or are you happy to experience and skate everything?

I am happy to experience and skate everything but I have a preference towards street skating.

What was the last trick you learnt? What are the next three tricks on your hit list that you would love to learn.

The last trick I learnt is Fs Smith to Fs Feeble. I would love to learn BS Tailslide Big Spin, Big Spin Flip and Switch Flip.

Are there any video parts you are working on personally which we will see in the near future or any competitions coming up that you plan to enter?

No, I don’t work on parts videos but I intend to release one soon. I did the French championships this year and I will do them again next year.

What do you think skateboarding holds for you in the future and what are your future aspirations?
I would like to be a skateboard mentor.

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