Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Catching Up With Judah Cross

Hey Judah how have you been? 

Hi! Been great thanks 😊 

It’s been a good few months since we last caught up with you what’s new in your world personally and on the skateboard?

Well….. I am right now sat at home off school (woohoo!) with a broken collar bone (booo!) – Ironically not through skateboarding, but messing around in the garden with my brothers! I should be back in action on a skateboard in about three weeks!!

We have seen through your social pages that you have been skating a lot now that the weathers nicer. Where is your favourite place to skate right now or does it change day by day depending on what obstacles you want to ride?

We’ve skated loads of places of the summer; Hayle Bowl, Penzance Plaza, Porthleven, Helston, Boardmasters, Newquay Wooden Waves, Creationfest… but my favourite is still Mount Hawke!

Boardmasters festival in Newquay went down just a few weeks back and you were skating in the under 16’s how did the event go from your point of view? Were you happy with the way you skated and what was the ramp like this year?

It was a great comp and I think I skated well, but being such high profile and an under 16’s comp there were some RAD older guys there, so I didn’t quite make the final.

How was the quality of skateboarding in general at Boardmasters this year. Was there anyone you were really stoked to watch whilst you were there? 

My friend Logan Dell is an awesome skater, and he did really well at Boardmasters. Also, I met and skated with Beaver Fleming at Creationfest – he’s insane!

Aside from Boardmasters you have been attending a lot of competitions in and around the Cornwall area with really good levels of success. Which has been your favourite competition to compete in? 

Yeah, I’ve done quite a few comps this year, and really enjoyed them. The best was the ‘Black-Pool’ comp at Hawke – for the new US-style backyard pool which had been moved from Blackpool to Cornwall. I managed to walk away with 1st in the under 11’s and also 1st in the under 16’s !!

We saw you won your battle to learn heelflips up the step up at Mount Hawke skate park. What’s next on your hit list of tricks to learn and what is your favourite trick to do at the moment?

Next on the list is Backflips! – I’m really close to landing a full backflip... well I was before the broken collar bone!.... but I’ll be back on it soon, so watch this space!

What skate videos are you currently watching at the moment? Anything you put on to get hyped before you go skateboarding? 

The Vans park series has been really inspiring to watch

Lastly before we sign off is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to?

My brothers! …. And all my Enuff Team mates!

Well it’s been great to catch up with you Judah and to see how 2017 is treating you so far. Keep skating hard and we look forward to seeing what you’ve got up to next time. 

Cool, thanks!

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