Friday, 29 May 2015

New range of Enuff boards in time for Summer '15!

Check out the new completes and decks that we've added to our range!

Scramble Completes:

The design on these boards are vibrant and pretty random, with a sleek matt finish. As with all our completes, they are hot pressed and medium concave. We've thrown on some contrasting heavy duty trucks and 100A wheels to complete the set up. These are great boards for all riders who love a blast of colour.

Scramble Decks:
We've also released some decks in the same style, but with a toned down colour range. Great for people who like the design, but maybe want something a bit more tonal. Cold pressed 100% Canadian maple with medium concave.

Doppler Decks:
The Doppler decks are inspired by retro style branding, and when we saw how they looked on the board, the first thing we thought of was the Doppler Effect. NnneeeeeeoooowwwwW!
(If that makes no sense, then you may have to Google it).
As with all our mid level+ decks, they are cold pressed 100% Canadian maple with medium concave. Perfectly suited to be combined with an Enuff undercarriage kit for a great intermediate to advanced set up.

Block Icon Completes:

We took the text style from the Scramble and made it into a simple, clean cut design for these Block Icon complete boards. 100% hot pressed Canadian maple with medium concave.
Minimal graphics on great performing boards.

For more spec information, check out the Enuff website, or click on the images above to go to the product pages.

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