Thursday, 18 June 2015

Enuff Impact Truck Prototype

Enuff and Brunel University Collaboration

Enuff Skateboards are always looking for the next big thing in skateboarding. This year we have collaborated with Cosmo Coughlin, a local skater and student at Brunel University, to come up with something different.

The Enuff Impact Truck is designed to enhance the user experience whilst providing protection from the long-term effects of large impacts on the body.

The unique design uses custom springs to ensure they only come into effect with the force of a heavy landing, and do not alter the normal truck characteristics that skaters look for and rely on.

The Enuff Impact retains the turning circle and solid feel of standard trucks, allowing skaters to perform tricks as they always have, whilst also facilitating quick ‘tool free’ tuning of the set-up.

The bushing compression disc is operated by hand, easily allowing users to adjust their trucks for soft ‘carving’ turns or creating stable platform for tricks.

We asked Cosmo a few questions about his project...

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