Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Alfie Mills at NASS 2016

Enuff rider, Alfie, hit this year's NASS, so we checked in with him to get a rundown of his time there...

How was your trip down to Nass and did the weather hold out for you over the weekend?  
The trip was good we left nice and early and got there at 8am Thursday morning. The weather was pretty fine all weekend apart from Sunday afternoon when we had a bit of rain.

What were your expectations going into the weekend, what did you hope to achieve?
I just wanted to go and have fun and was looking forward to riding the pro park and the vert ramp as I don't get to ride one very often.

How was the standard of skating and who were you most stoked on seeing over the weekend?
Some amazing skating going off both in the amateur and the pro. It was great to see Clay Kreiner and I got to hang out with him a bit which was pretty cool!

How did the competition go from your point of view? Do you think you skated well and if you placed what position were you?
It went well, a little daunting at first but I really enjoyed it. I placed 27th out of 70 which I was pleased with as there were no age limits.

What was the highlight of your weekend and will you be returning to Nass next year if you get the opportunity?
My highlight was seeing Clay Kreiner backflip, stalefish the step up jump box. And yes I'd love to go back next year I had a blast!!

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