Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Judah Cross - Welcome To The Team!

We are very pleased to welcome Judah to the Enuff team!

How old are you and where are you from? 
I’m nine years old and I live in Cornwall 

What age did you first start skateboarding and what inspired you to first pick up a board?
I first got on a skateboard at age 7. One of my older brothers, Caleb, started first and we all followed him soon after! 

Where is your favourite place to skate? 
Mount Hawke Skatepark, Cornwall 

What can you bring to the team? 
I can bring enthusiasm, energy, cool tricks, big airs and rad video clips! 

Which skateboarders did you look up to growing up? Any local legends in your local scene or professionals you aspire to be like? 
Legends definitely got to be Tony Hawk & Steve Caballero! Current pro’s – Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki, Ben Raybourn, Chris Russel & Ronnie Sandoval. 
Local hero is Jake Anderson who we all skate with regularly in and around Cornwall. 

How many people are in your group of friends that you skate with on a regular basis and which guys are essential to getting a good session going? 
Mainly my brothers (Jacob, Caleb & Elijah).. and my dad!... but there’s a few younger regulars at Hawke we skate with a lot! – Nat, Finlay, Brandon, Fin, Coral & Ethan 

What is your all-time favourite skate video and which ones are you into at this moment in time? 
Haven’t watched loads, but loved the recent Vans Pool party which we watched online! 

Do you have a preference towards street skating, skate parks or vert or are you happy to experience and skate everything? 
Skate everything, but I love parks & transition! 

What was the last trick you learnt? What are the next three tricks on your hit list that you would love to learn?
Backside Judo Airs, which I’m working on getting higher and higher!! 
Next on the list is: Finger Flip Airs, Fast Plants & 360 Airs… watch this space! 

Are there any video parts you are working on personally which we will see in the near future or any competitions coming up that you plan to enter? 
Yes, there’s always a video part in progress, and I’ll be competing in a few local events over the summer as well as the UK Vert Series.

What do you think skateboarding holds for you in the future and what are your future aspirations? 
To have fun and maybe turn Pro! 

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