Thursday, 21 July 2016

Alfie Mills - Wiltshire Skate Series

Second place in the Wiltshire Skate Series.

We at Enuff would like to congratulate Alfie Mills for finishing 2nd overall in the skateboard under
16’s Wiltshire skates series.

This series took place over four different stops, with the final leg concluding this past weekend.

Alfie managed to attend all four legs and took 2nd place in Calne, 3rd place in Melksham, 2nd place in Salisbury and 2nd Place in Devizes on his way to an overall 2nd place finish!

Alfie has done a fantastic job especially as he is the second youngest rider in the competition.

Enuff are proud to have Alfie on the team and we very much look forward to seeing how his skateboarding progress in the future.

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